Friday, 25 October 2013

well hello there guys

I recently hauled a little but of avon on my youtube  if you wanna see it.

sooo I tried out the one of the nail varnishes I got with the magnet, a little 2012 but ohwell lol.

this on is in the colour fucia force
just like all over magnetic nail varnishes you apply one coat and whilst still wet you hold the magnet over the top and it creates a pattern. A I ordered the star pattern this was the effect the magnet gave. I really like it and its simple to do :)

I appled a 2nd coat on a couple nails to make it darker so I was kind of an ombre effect :)

xoxo LLL

Friday, 18 October 2013

sienna x tan review

ok so what I got was (l-r)
  1. instant bronzing gel (LOVE)
  2. balance body wash
  3. polished body scrub
  4. radiance body balm
  5. gradual glowing self tan
all retails for £64.95 (I did not pay this my friend got it for free and gave it me)
so I was soooo excited to try this tan however id never heard of it before, so I got in the shower and used to exfoliator and wash as instructed and then applie the tanning gel 1st positive ir doen not smell like tan, negative it smells like sweets (sweeties) which is not a smell which I like maybe fruity but not for me. my mum said if you used the moisturiser afterwards then it doesn't smell as sweet. The tan is also white so its just like a normal moisturiser which Im not the biggest fan of but it was easy to use, it says it takes 6-8 hours to develop so I slept in it and I was happy with the colour the morning after. my mum used it for 3 days and she built a really nice colour however I feel it could go abit orangey :/

the instant tan however I LOVE and its nice and dark so you can see where you've applied it both tans I would say are hard to streak they blend very nicely and the scent of the instant is perfumey not sweet like the gradual.

overall I like this tan I can admit I wouldn't rebuy (use) as fakebake flawless is my holy grail but it was nice to try something different :)

xoxo LLL