Friday, 25 October 2013

well hello there guys

I recently hauled a little but of avon on my youtube  if you wanna see it.

sooo I tried out the one of the nail varnishes I got with the magnet, a little 2012 but ohwell lol.

this on is in the colour fucia force
just like all over magnetic nail varnishes you apply one coat and whilst still wet you hold the magnet over the top and it creates a pattern. A I ordered the star pattern this was the effect the magnet gave. I really like it and its simple to do :)

I appled a 2nd coat on a couple nails to make it darker so I was kind of an ombre effect :)

xoxo LLL

Friday, 18 October 2013

sienna x tan review

ok so what I got was (l-r)
  1. instant bronzing gel (LOVE)
  2. balance body wash
  3. polished body scrub
  4. radiance body balm
  5. gradual glowing self tan
all retails for £64.95 (I did not pay this my friend got it for free and gave it me)
so I was soooo excited to try this tan however id never heard of it before, so I got in the shower and used to exfoliator and wash as instructed and then applie the tanning gel 1st positive ir doen not smell like tan, negative it smells like sweets (sweeties) which is not a smell which I like maybe fruity but not for me. my mum said if you used the moisturiser afterwards then it doesn't smell as sweet. The tan is also white so its just like a normal moisturiser which Im not the biggest fan of but it was easy to use, it says it takes 6-8 hours to develop so I slept in it and I was happy with the colour the morning after. my mum used it for 3 days and she built a really nice colour however I feel it could go abit orangey :/

the instant tan however I LOVE and its nice and dark so you can see where you've applied it both tans I would say are hard to streak they blend very nicely and the scent of the instant is perfumey not sweet like the gradual.

overall I like this tan I can admit I wouldn't rebuy (use) as fakebake flawless is my holy grail but it was nice to try something different :)

xoxo LLL

Thursday, 26 September 2013

My diet

its been a while since ive posted something on my  health page however, I had been requested for me to share my diet I decided a video would be better than a blog post as it would be forever long lol so if youd like to know what diets ive tried and am currently on check out my video :)

xoxo LLL


life happens

honestly I feel bad for neglecting my blog I did say in the beginning how I didn't feel I had time for one, but as it was requested I thought id do one, I have decided however to make sure I post at least one blog post a week, I man surely I can find 10 minutes to sit and write so with that being said from next week I shall be posting once a week however if im able to I will post more :)

xoxo LLL

where to find me :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

hair love

I thought id share another holy grail product with you guys today, since bleaching the hell out of my hair I needed to cut it all off last year I literally did it was up to my ears! anyways as a hard core lover of long hair I needed something that would help give my hair the boost to make it grow and ive can honestly say this 100% works! ive always had the annoying hair that wont grown but since using this my hair has grown soo much :) and for £7.99 you can complain :)

lee Stafford has most definitely created something amazing and I would recommend you try it out for yourselves, considering ive still been bleaching my hair in less that a year its managed to grow past my shoulders to my collar bone! :)

AMMZING I would say as my hair hasn't been that long since I was about 17!

xoxo LLL

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

my NUMBER 1 favourite nail varnish

when it comes to this time of year there is no doubt what is going to be on my nails, this has been a statement in my nail varnish collection for the past2 to 3 years! honestly I dontknow what I would do without this nail varnish its just perfect for autum/winter, and it also compliments my skin colour very well! in fact it compliemtns all skin colours as I leant it my friend and never got it back haha however today my dad purchased me another on and I obviously put it on straight away so without any more of a delay I better share with you my LOVE
                                                           Barry M - Rasberry


ok ok I know this picrture is very much a tease so here you go pleas ignore my awful cuticles and I know you love my pyjamas
(im sick had a pj dvd day :) )
so whats your favourite nail varnish for autum/winter?
xoxo LLL

Monday, 16 September 2013

smell from heaven!

when I was in work on Saturday I was on front cover (the worst job ever!) whilst trying to make myself look busy I found my nose suddenly inhaled the most sweet,floral smell which I cant even begin to describe in a way which will do it justice, I just needed it in my life (when I get paid), I plucked up the courage from somewhere to ask the lady what it was she was wearing and I made a mental note not to forget and I didn't! ive been wanting to get a signature scent as im not a big perfume fan as I feel they fade away so quick and the lady ws surprised I could still smell it which also made me believe that this perfume will has amazing staying power, although im yet to personally try this perfume I thought id share my new love and it is.....................

chanel chance eau tendre
honestly it smells incredible!
xoxo LLL

blogger missing in action

well hello there,
if you don't keep up to date with my youtube channel then you wont know whats been going on, I thought id update you guys before posting lots of new blog posts,

basically my baby brother had an operation and my best friend had a really bad life moment and they both needed me and I was there plus side my best friend is on the mend to find happiness and my baby brother is healing wonderfully! honestly you wouldn't even think he'd had a operation

anyways im back and shall be posting lots of new random post for you

speak to you then



Monday, 9 September 2013

morning music love

feeling blah, not yourself? listen to this every morning and you'll be set for the day :) trust me. music is magic!

its lifts my mood and makes me feel Amazing

I wanna see you be brave

xoxo LLL

Sunday, 8 September 2013

fashion finds for cheaper

buckle love

now I have a serious love for ankle boots and I cannot wait to purchase some like these until I then I thought id still share this current trend with you.

I've been seeing this everywhere, boohoo and miss guided have the same ones but my love ebay and office have some good looking versions :)

ill the links below,10/1426600078

xoxo LLL

my love for macklemore

so obviously my 1st music post has to be dedicated to this man
his album THE HEIST is amazing even if your not into rap/hiphop I fell you should still give it a listen im into literally every genre of music I feel its more important to me personally about the lyrics.

Macklemore's lyrics are just pure genious and a lot is real even if you haven't been through half the strugges he has you can hear the emotion in the way he raps and its gives me goosebumps ill list a few below which I feel you should defently check out but he's been my love in my ears for months now :)

neon cathedrals
same love
ten thousand hours

one of my favourite quotes

The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint
The greats were great cause they paint a lot
I will not be a statistic
Just let me be
No child left behind, that's the American scheme
I make my living off of words
And do what I love for work
And got around 980 on my SATs
Take that system, what did you expect?
Generation of kids choosing love over a desk
Put those hours in and look at what you get
Nothing that you can hold, but everything that it is
Ten thousand

xoxo LLL

Current hair trend ive been seeing

now im going to be honest trying to find pictures of what it is I waned to show your proved hard. I would attempt to do the hair however I wear exstensions and my little bun on top would look stupid with my long hair on the bottom (hair extensions vs natural hair problems)

to make this worse I don't even know what I would call it, I typed a number or numerous ways into good none proved quiets what I was looking either way the trend ive been seeing is half up half down but with a bun instead of a pony tail, ive got to say I rather like it just wish I could pull it off tbh.

it can be really nice a slouchy or done nice and neat see the pictures below and let m know your thoughts? do you like or not?

xoxo LLL

Friday, 6 September 2013

The sh**t is bananas B.A.N.A.N.A.S
in the words of Gwen Stefani

with my recent lifestyle change, I've recently found myself eating two bananas a day coming from someone who NEVER ate fruit!

I will admit im still rather fussy when it comes to food my love for bananas is because they are soo easy to eat! peal the skin that's it! if I want to eat an apple I need to decore it peal the skin and then slice it (EFFORT) same with melon which I love and im not really a fan of oranges although I LOVE fresh orange juice.

there's also a range of things you can do with bananas for instanced bananas bread, bananas pancakes, add them to a smoothie or protein shake, add them to cereal, the possibilities are endless!

the health benefits are also amazing - protects your eyesight
 - builds better bones
- promotes kidney health the list could go on and to prove I did a little research a little table of the vitamins you get from a banana

overall I LOVE them and I think you all should too

xoxo LLL

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

first pic tutorial :)

so this is my 1st tutorial I decided to keep it nice and simple as its not a video I do have a video on this same look if you prefer to watch :)

what youll need:
  1. shadow the same or a shade darker than your skin (urban decay naked)
  2. shadow 3-4 shades darker (urban decay buck)
  3. black shadow
  4. purple eye liner
  5. purple eye shadow
  6. black liquid liner or gel if you prefer
  7. mascara
  8. false lashes (if you have pathetic short ones like me

place you eye shadow all over you eye

second step place your crease colour (2) in your crease with window wiper motions

pick up the black and place in outer 1/4 of your eye

using the same brush that was used for step 2 blend out the black

get purple eyeline and place in your water line, inner tear duck and under the bottom lashes

place purpl eyeshadow under lower lashes on top of purple liner

apply liquid or gel liner to the top and create a wing (in you don't like winged eyeliner then leave it lined)

apple mascara and lashes and you done :)

 i hope you found this easy to follow and you like it :)

xoxo LLL

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

im on bloglovin :)

bloglovin is basically a site where all bloggers and can share their blog its not precisely for people which is great as you can fin literally anyone who blogs by clicking what catorgory you want the blog to write about.
if you have bloglovin feel free to leave me your link you can also get a free app which again I think is great as you can read blogs on the go :)

so heres to another short but sweet post

xoxo LLL

this is just my link to claim my blog lovin
<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> 


here on my OOTD page you will find outfit of the days by me but also but celebrities and im going to show you how you can recreate what theyre wearingon a budget i thought this would be something cool to have to the ootd page as you may not want to dress like me you may want to know where you could buy something or replicate what a clebrity is wearing which it what i sometimes do also . I hope you enjoy what you see on this page

my love for music

now music isnt something you usually seen on a youtube guru's blog however, music is really important in my life and i will be sharing with you guys my current favouite songs, playlists ive created and my opinion on music thats out i hope you guys enjoying getting to know me more through my music likes and dislikes and enjoy what you read :)


Here you will find everything makeup related from makeup tutorials and my comments on current makeup trends ive seen, reviews  etc i hope you like what you read


welcome! this page is going to be gearing towards healthy recipes and the diet i follow however i do tend to have bad days i will be doing posts on what i eat and supplements and drinks etc i hope you like what you read :)

welcome to my hair page

This page is literally going to consists of all things hair! from hair tutorials ive done on my youtube channel to current hair styles im loving and celebrity hair i wish i had :) hope you guys enjoy this page


How old are you- 21 this being 2013 i may forget to chage this so my date of birth is 29th July 1992 

How tall are you- i actually dont know around 5ft5 or 5ft6 

What brand of hair exstensions do you wear - this has changed but at the moment i make my own and use sleek remy style icon 

what length of hair exstensions do you wear- 20 inch always! and get them layerd in with your hair, even if you dont have layers get them layered will look more natural :)

elleellelle.. who are you? 

so elleellelle stands for lashanna's loves and loathes i am a youtube 'guru' using the term guru lightly, i decided to create a blog as my subscibers felt as though i needed to promote my channel more and said a blog would be a great way to start i was formally known on youtube as LashannaTousaint but i changed it to elleellelle to link it to my blog more easily, i feel that i would be more professional to have both my blog and youtube with the same name and wanted it to be something unique and catchy...well at least i think it is ha! 

my blog is gonna be completely ME needless to say random and unscripted with a high possibility of spelling errors apologies if that happens however i hope you enjoy what i post and share with you and ill speak to you all in my next post :) 

xoxo LLL