Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lip fillers?? Nooo just a lip plumping gloss

I'm finally back with a new post! I have been uploading on my YouTube channel so make sure to check out my new videos ...anyways......

Call me crazy but I was thinking of getting lip fillers however id seen loads of pictures of girls using a lipgloss called lip voltage Unfortunetly it's always sold out which happened to sell it to me haha sooo
I finally won a bidding war on eBay an I got it!! 
It comes in two part you add 1-2-3 drops of the mix it up to decide on how plump you want your lips.
I suggest 2 only as it stings like a mofo! However it plumps and keeps your lips plums I can remember what my lips were like before. You apply the gloss everyday and apply more drops once your lips adjust to the tingling. I LOVE this product and it's a hell of a lot cheaper that lip fillers 
Xoxo LLL 
My lips with nothing on now 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Whitening lighting lip gloss 1st impressions

So I'm finally back posting on my blog! I thought I'd start with the lip
Glosses I receive this morning :) 

If you are a YouTube watcher then you should know that jaclyn hill recently created a lip gloss with whitening lightening, she also created a bundle where you got her lip gloss (rose hill) the nude, coral and pink with a major discount! So I obviously had to order them! 

I'll start with rose hill the most pigmented out of them all 
How amazingly beautiful is this super pigmented this is one coat it's bright for what I would usually wear but I'm going to try and be brave a wear it. 

The next one is a blue based pink called pink tiara 
Again a little out of my comfort zone but we all need to try different things entry now and then, I think if your a bubblegum pink or even just a pink lip lover you will like this shade :) 

Coral craze is next 
Not as pigmented as the rest, but atill a beautiful gloss so smooth to apply and creamy 

Finally the nude obviously one that I would love regardless or how pigmented it is lol 
For a nude gloss this is nicely pigments although the photos don't do it justice it's defently my lips but better colour as I have a brown undertone to my natural lips, it would work great to add a bit of depth to any nude that's too nude if that makes sense 

So which is your favouite and what would you like to try? 
Xoxo LLL