Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ultra mini haul

As I've been shopping ALOT lately I made sure these purchases were needed ( said every makeup junkie ever). To be honest i think I could of done a lot worse 

We 1st went to mac 

1st thing I picked up was myth it's the perfect Matt nude lipstick, more lipsticks is defenetly something I do not feel guilty about buying more of 

2ndly I bout soft and gentle I've wanted this highlighter for over a year therefore I decided today was the day I bought it. 
It is with out a doubt the most amazing highlighter I thought I loved my sleek on but this is just amazing 

Last but not least again something else I've needed to replace was my ruby and Millie lipstick pouch that I keep in my handbag it was rather full 
And forever 21 came to my rescue 
I don't think any other pouch would beat this one 

Hope you like 

Xoxo LLL 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Work outfit of the day

I did a haul kn my channel yday showing all of what I bought. I felt like a child in the 1st day of school with all new clothes. 

I don't see myself as fashionable but I wear what I like on trend or not hope your like 

Cardigan and dress- primark 
Coat- new look 
Shoes- eBay 
Socks- topshop 
Bag- Louis Vuitton 

Xoxo LLL 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nail tutorials galore!

If your as experimental as me, then at home nail art should be right up your street 
Soo I've found a great channel on YouTube 

Missjenfabulous she does tutorials for beginners and more skilled ones. 

I tried one out tonight I have to admit it's not the best as I don't have any of ther correct tools but I'm defenetly going to order some now. 

I want to try so many of them, what sort of nail art are you guys in to? 

Xoxo LLL 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Models own hyper gel nail varnish

Ok so I've come to realise that me and bright colored hand nails do not agree. I painted and repaired my nails 4 times the other night and ended up with a nudeish colour. 

Anyways after reading llymlrs blog about the new hyper gel nail varnish I played it safe and picked up one in a shade I thought if get wear out of 

Naked Glow was defenetly the colour for me 

So this nail varnish is very true to colour and it's a very lashanna shade. It applys soooo smoothly and dries rather quickly. 
I applied two coats and was able to get on and out of the day about 15 minutes later fully dried. 
I didn't apply a top coat as I assumed as it's hyper gel it's super shiney, and it is! 

Please ignore my awfully shaped nails and bad cuticle I'm a bad picker when stressed 

Xoxo LLL 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Another makeup tutorial

I'm praying that this video works oh well I've just edited it whilst at the hair dressers, had to to it without listening to it as I was rather embarrassed having other people seeing what I was doing anywho, I've taken two looks to create this look it'll be up within next two hours, I used my urban decay naked 3 palette a nice twist on a vintage look hope you like 

Xoxo LLL 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New face wash

Ok guys as I wasn't to happy with the Clearasil I went back to what I know and love 
 This is a new wash for me to try but my old one was by simple 

They lather nicely and tick all the boxes I need a facial wash to do 

This also has a really nice refreshing smell not to awakening as I use it at night but I do enjoy this one 
 Hope you guys like a nice short post before bed 

Xoxox LLL 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Clearasil daily clear review

Hi guys so I recently bought the Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash 

as I had a breakout and needed to clear it up obvs! So it's came to bed time and I used my face wipe 1st as usual then got my face brush applied the Clearasil and attempted to exfoliate/wash my face I realised it didn't lather and didn't go far. This Wah is very much like a moisturiser 

You'll see when attempted to be spread or used as a wash it doesn't lather 
This left me think that my face want clean or being cleaned personally I feel that lathering means cleaning. 

I thought to give it another chance and to use it another way so tonight I face wipesd my face then applied the Clearasil to my sponge and sponge washed my face I did see that there was excess makeup on my sponge and then checked with my facebrush with my simple face wash to see how clean my face was, and to my surprise it was actually quite clean
I feel like the lighting doesn't help that pic 

But considering it doesn't lather it's down clean your face really well 

I know I wouldn't buy it again as I prefer lathering washes but it you prefer a more moisturising wash I'd say you'd enjoy this 

Hope you enjoy and if you have any lathering type washes you could reccomend I'd gratefully appreciate it 

Xoxo LLL 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Time to get trim

Ok ok so don't judge me, as you know I recently posted abit going for runs I had my plan of the days I would go running all set out, as you all know I live in England and being the diva I am running in the rain is most defenetly NOT going to happen so I've taken on a 2nd job so that I can join the gym! I'm so excited I have two friends that I can attend with untill I'm confident enough to go by myself my plan in to go after uni which is 4 times a week seeing as after uni it's too dark to film and I just come home and sit in my room.

With all my excitedness of joing I obviously had to go a get and gym outfit:) I stuck with nike as that's who my trainers are by hope you like 

Xoxo LLL 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

First impressions foxy locks 230g latte blonde

Ok so I just got these in the mail today and thought I would do a first impressions I will be doing a full review in a month or two once I've worn them in for a while 

1st thing I noticed was that they we're packaged wrong but that was for to a factory error 
Sorry I don't know how to rotate on my phone 
They come rapped differently to all the other sets or ever seen and I must say I prefer this method I'd already taken them out due to filming for my YouTube channel so I put them back in 
The section on the right is the piece to check if the colour matches latte blonde is a beautiful colour it is very ashy tho I feel as tho I may need to get my own hair toned as I am a perfectionist however you'll see in later picks that they blend well 
You get 8 pieces all together 
3- 3 clip pieces 
1- 4 clip pieces 
4- 2 cop pieces 

When brushed and styled little if NO shedding which is Amazing considering the looseness of one of the wefts I sewed the ends in order to protect from any fall out 
I wanted this 1st impressions to be very honest so felt as tho I should share 
I also thought it was strange as there are lots of short hair the hair exstensions are thick from top to bottom 
So the short hairs don't effect them when I curled them they curled amazingly and they are super soft I'd say they feel like really healthy natural hair instead of hair extensions soft...if your used to hair exstensions you'll know what I mean ha 

I also blended them in with my current hair exstensions as I love super super thick hair 

Overall my 1st impression is a positive and I would recommend so far 

Ps the pink in my hair is my ther had exstensions 

Xoxo LLL 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Mini nude haul

So I couldn't resist everyone on YouTube is raveing about the new maybelline colour sensational nude range so I had to pick on up and I LOVE it 

I had to refrain from buying more than one as my recent purchases have ruined my bank account, I picked up the colour honey beige (728) and I couldn't of oicked a better one for myself it compliments my skin town well and makes my teeth look realt white! It's also the perfect! Nude

Sticking with the nude purchases I've been after a nude liner for my water line as white can be too harsh, so I picked up the Rimmel scandle eyes waterproof in 005 nude and again I'm really happy I did so, this will defenetly be in a future tutorial
Xoxo LLL 

Valentines tutorial :)

I got re question to do a makeup look using my naked 3 pallet 
I used limit in my crease
Burnout on my lid 
Buzz in the middle of my lid
Nooner to deepen the crease 
Black heart in my outer v 
And finally liar under my bottom lashes :) 

My inner tearduct was highlighted with shimma shimma from makeup geek 


Xoxo LLL 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

TV series loves!

I'll admit that whilst in the last 4 months of university I should not be getting hooked on tv series but I'm always going to do what I shouldn't soo without further  do (if that's how it's spelt) my current faves are 
Pretty little liars 
Switched at birth 
Baby daddy 
Games of thrones

All different indeed but I love them all unfortunelty games of thrones isn't back untill April I don't think but you can't watch reruns :) 

Short little post before I go to bed 

Xoxo LLL 

Dry shampoo heaven!

Ok so I get really lazy when washing my hair when I know I have a hair appointment coming up, so I was going to film a tutorial and washing my hair was the last thing on my mind...being the hoarder that I am I went rooting in my beauty trolly and found this baby

Brand less but it's says what it does on the tin 
This dry shampoo leaves no white powdery glaze on your roots it's honestly makes you hair look clean. Literally there's no removal of shine and no unclean feeling 

I want nothing more to find where I bought this from I'm going to assume home bargins or some shop like that let me know if you know if you've seen it