Thursday, 3 April 2014

Eyeshadow palette review

Hi guys! Today I will be shareing with you the amazing bh cosmetics special occasion pallette 
Inside this palette you get 30 eyeshadows and 8 blushes/highlights 
Let's talk about the eye shadows, only a 2 are chalky but the rest are pigmented and smooth I wore all the purples on Wednesdays and I've never had colour show up that well on my skin without a white cream base I couldn't believe it!

That's a swatch of a few of the eyeshadows the lighter shimmery colours could easily be buildable to a more desired pigmentation however personally I prefer them the way they are 

I had tryies the darkest so I quickly swatches then in my finger and GOOD GOD they're dark! 

Look how smooth the matte black is! 

The blushes are pigmented too! 

2 are chalky as you can see and some very pigmented so I reccomend a light hand with all just incase (no clown face wanted) 

The palette is in a nice sleep black hard case with a good size mirror only down side is that it lies flat 
I never really use te mirrors that come with pallettes anyway so that doesn't bother me but I know some people order it when they stand :) 

Xoxo LLL 

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