Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lip fillers?? Nooo just a lip plumping gloss

I'm finally back with a new post! I have been uploading on my YouTube channel so make sure to check out my new videos ...anyways......

Call me crazy but I was thinking of getting lip fillers however id seen loads of pictures of girls using a lipgloss called lip voltage Unfortunetly it's always sold out which happened to sell it to me haha sooo
I finally won a bidding war on eBay an I got it!! 
It comes in two part you add 1-2-3 drops of the mix it up to decide on how plump you want your lips.
I suggest 2 only as it stings like a mofo! However it plumps and keeps your lips plums I can remember what my lips were like before. You apply the gloss everyday and apply more drops once your lips adjust to the tingling. I LOVE this product and it's a hell of a lot cheaper that lip fillers 
Xoxo LLL 
My lips with nothing on now 

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