Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Where have I been!

Ok so I admit I decided to take on the challenge of a blog as well as a YouTube channel and I've realised that I suck at having both, I have managed to fit into my schedule oma YouTube video every Sunday which have proven to do my channel wonders as my subscribers have grown which is amazing! I also do videos that people request me to do therefore I was requested to do a blog so I NEED to put more effort in therefore once again I am committing to you readers that I have that I vow to post more. 

Exciting news I'm getting braces Friday! And yes I am unbelievably excited after hating my teeth for 9 years im getting braces I'm going to be doing videos about my experience as there are not many reviews about fastbraces which is the brand that I'm getting. So along side the videos I'm going to do blog posts 
Hopefully you'll enjoy the read 


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