Wednesday, 22 October 2014

LASHES lashes lashes!

Ahhhh welcome to eyelash heaven! 

So due to my brace adventure ahead of me I can't commit to getting eyelash extensions and infills every other month:week therefore back to the strip lashes I go, being a youtuber I love nothing more than to support other people's businesses I had already previously used xo beauty lashes and loved them, and found them soo easy to apply that I thought I would try the new lashes that Shan had been using in her videos. 

So once on the website I saw that there was a set called 'the dramatics' 

5 sets of lashes at a discounted prices and to make it even more perfect the set includes to new lashes and my favourites form the bunch I bought last time! 

The best thing about this set is that they range from daytime dramatic to night time and I'm in love. Let me know if you buy any or this set 

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