Saturday, 22 March 2014

Top 5 hair products

Hi guys! After recently realising how much I love the John Frieda 3 day straight, I thought id look through all my hair products to see what my most live and used were and I managed to narrow it down to 5 products yes 5!! 
So obviously the john Frieda 3 day straight styling spray is included either te original or the one with keratin. It's just the nicest spray to help give you hair a smooth blowdry and straighten :) 

Next is the orofluido oil, I've had this bottle for two years and used it pretty much everyday and looove it! It also smells amazing!! I use it in wet and dry hair you can get a shine spray by the same bran which I LOOVE. Too :) 

I also love the advance techniques Moroccan argan oil from Avon more affordable than the orofluido however I only use this when my hair wet as it's too heavy for dry hair. 

The vo5 smoothly does it spray is is amazing as it's a heat protectant aswell as a tamping spray but it's not like the usual heat defence as it's more like a most and adds shine. This also smell AMAZing!! :) 

Last but not least is the Paul Mitchell foaming pommade this is amazing for naturally curly hair or flyaways and snapped pieces :/ I used this to secure the really small pieces in my plaits as I don't like using hair spray it's really nice and again smells mide too haha 

So they are all of my holy grail hair products, what are some of yours? 

Xoxo LLL 

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