Thursday, 20 March 2014

YouTuber on the month!

Now this isn't going to be an every month thing but I figured I would share someone who's videos I absolutely LOVE 

 Ok so Jen is know for amazing nail tutorials unluckily for me I only found her channel about a month ago say what! Tight I know 

If any of you are like me and never find good people I'm here to send you a great recommendation. She doesn't only do great nail tutorials but everything beauty related like myself 
She's also amazing at social media the two times I've tweeted her she's tweeted me back! And I must say out tweeted get favourites quite a lot :) not as much as the oscar selfie but hey we're 2nd at the top haha 

So guys I'm gonna leave you with the snapshot of jens Instagram and I suggest you head over and give her videos a watch and her twitter and Instagram a follow :) and let me know which is your favourite from her many nail tutorials 
Xoxo LLL 

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