Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Time to get trim

Ok ok so don't judge me, as you know I recently posted abit going for runs I had my plan of the days I would go running all set out, as you all know I live in England and being the diva I am running in the rain is most defenetly NOT going to happen so I've taken on a 2nd job so that I can join the gym! I'm so excited I have two friends that I can attend with untill I'm confident enough to go by myself my plan in to go after uni which is 4 times a week seeing as after uni it's too dark to film and I just come home and sit in my room.

With all my excitedness of joing I obviously had to go a get and gym outfit:) I stuck with nike as that's who my trainers are by hope you like 

Xoxo LLL 

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  1. I'll feel really motivated, then I see the weather and I'm like nooo! But, when I have all matching gym stuff on I feel so much better, I've been looking for a new pair of trainers exactly like these.

    Grace x