Tuesday, 4 February 2014

First impressions foxy locks 230g latte blonde

Ok so I just got these in the mail today and thought I would do a first impressions I will be doing a full review in a month or two once I've worn them in for a while 

1st thing I noticed was that they we're packaged wrong but that was for to a factory error 
Sorry I don't know how to rotate on my phone 
They come rapped differently to all the other sets or ever seen and I must say I prefer this method I'd already taken them out due to filming for my YouTube channel so I put them back in 
The section on the right is the piece to check if the colour matches latte blonde is a beautiful colour it is very ashy tho I feel as tho I may need to get my own hair toned as I am a perfectionist however you'll see in later picks that they blend well 
You get 8 pieces all together 
3- 3 clip pieces 
1- 4 clip pieces 
4- 2 cop pieces 

When brushed and styled little if NO shedding which is Amazing considering the looseness of one of the wefts I sewed the ends in order to protect from any fall out 
I wanted this 1st impressions to be very honest so felt as tho I should share 
I also thought it was strange as there are lots of short hair the hair exstensions are thick from top to bottom 
So the short hairs don't effect them when I curled them they curled amazingly and they are super soft I'd say they feel like really healthy natural hair instead of hair extensions soft...if your used to hair exstensions you'll know what I mean ha 

I also blended them in with my current hair exstensions as I love super super thick hair 

Overall my 1st impression is a positive and I would recommend so far 

Ps the pink in my hair is my ther had exstensions 

Xoxo LLL 

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