Sunday, 9 February 2014

Clearasil daily clear review

Hi guys so I recently bought the Clearasil daily clear skin perfecting wash 

as I had a breakout and needed to clear it up obvs! So it's came to bed time and I used my face wipe 1st as usual then got my face brush applied the Clearasil and attempted to exfoliate/wash my face I realised it didn't lather and didn't go far. This Wah is very much like a moisturiser 

You'll see when attempted to be spread or used as a wash it doesn't lather 
This left me think that my face want clean or being cleaned personally I feel that lathering means cleaning. 

I thought to give it another chance and to use it another way so tonight I face wipesd my face then applied the Clearasil to my sponge and sponge washed my face I did see that there was excess makeup on my sponge and then checked with my facebrush with my simple face wash to see how clean my face was, and to my surprise it was actually quite clean
I feel like the lighting doesn't help that pic 

But considering it doesn't lather it's down clean your face really well 

I know I wouldn't buy it again as I prefer lathering washes but it you prefer a more moisturising wash I'd say you'd enjoy this 

Hope you enjoy and if you have any lathering type washes you could reccomend I'd gratefully appreciate it 

Xoxo LLL 

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