Sunday, 16 February 2014

Models own hyper gel nail varnish

Ok so I've come to realise that me and bright colored hand nails do not agree. I painted and repaired my nails 4 times the other night and ended up with a nudeish colour. 

Anyways after reading llymlrs blog about the new hyper gel nail varnish I played it safe and picked up one in a shade I thought if get wear out of 

Naked Glow was defenetly the colour for me 

So this nail varnish is very true to colour and it's a very lashanna shade. It applys soooo smoothly and dries rather quickly. 
I applied two coats and was able to get on and out of the day about 15 minutes later fully dried. 
I didn't apply a top coat as I assumed as it's hyper gel it's super shiney, and it is! 

Please ignore my awfully shaped nails and bad cuticle I'm a bad picker when stressed 

Xoxo LLL 

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