Tuesday, 17 September 2013

my NUMBER 1 favourite nail varnish

when it comes to this time of year there is no doubt what is going to be on my nails, this has been a statement in my nail varnish collection for the past2 to 3 years! honestly I dontknow what I would do without this nail varnish its just perfect for autum/winter, and it also compliments my skin colour very well! in fact it compliemtns all skin colours as I leant it my friend and never got it back haha however today my dad purchased me another on and I obviously put it on straight away so without any more of a delay I better share with you my LOVE
                                                           Barry M - Rasberry


ok ok I know this picrture is very much a tease so here you go pleas ignore my awful cuticles and I know you love my pyjamas
(im sick had a pj dvd day :) )
so whats your favourite nail varnish for autum/winter?
xoxo LLL

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