Wednesday, 18 September 2013

hair love

I thought id share another holy grail product with you guys today, since bleaching the hell out of my hair I needed to cut it all off last year I literally did it was up to my ears! anyways as a hard core lover of long hair I needed something that would help give my hair the boost to make it grow and ive can honestly say this 100% works! ive always had the annoying hair that wont grown but since using this my hair has grown soo much :) and for £7.99 you can complain :)

lee Stafford has most definitely created something amazing and I would recommend you try it out for yourselves, considering ive still been bleaching my hair in less that a year its managed to grow past my shoulders to my collar bone! :)

AMMZING I would say as my hair hasn't been that long since I was about 17!

xoxo LLL

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