Monday, 16 September 2013

smell from heaven!

when I was in work on Saturday I was on front cover (the worst job ever!) whilst trying to make myself look busy I found my nose suddenly inhaled the most sweet,floral smell which I cant even begin to describe in a way which will do it justice, I just needed it in my life (when I get paid), I plucked up the courage from somewhere to ask the lady what it was she was wearing and I made a mental note not to forget and I didn't! ive been wanting to get a signature scent as im not a big perfume fan as I feel they fade away so quick and the lady ws surprised I could still smell it which also made me believe that this perfume will has amazing staying power, although im yet to personally try this perfume I thought id share my new love and it is.....................

chanel chance eau tendre
honestly it smells incredible!
xoxo LLL

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