Tuesday, 3 September 2013

elleellelle.. who are you? 

so elleellelle stands for lashanna's loves and loathes i am a youtube 'guru' using the term guru lightly, i decided to create a blog as my subscibers felt as though i needed to promote my channel more and said a blog would be a great way to start i was formally known on youtube as LashannaTousaint but i changed it to elleellelle to link it to my blog more easily, i feel that i would be more professional to have both my blog and youtube with the same name and wanted it to be something unique and catchy...well at least i think it is ha! 

my blog is gonna be completely ME needless to say random and unscripted with a high possibility of spelling errors apologies if that happens however i hope you enjoy what i post and share with you and ill speak to you all in my next post :) 

xoxo LLL  

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