Wednesday, 4 September 2013

first pic tutorial :)

so this is my 1st tutorial I decided to keep it nice and simple as its not a video I do have a video on this same look if you prefer to watch :)

what youll need:
  1. shadow the same or a shade darker than your skin (urban decay naked)
  2. shadow 3-4 shades darker (urban decay buck)
  3. black shadow
  4. purple eye liner
  5. purple eye shadow
  6. black liquid liner or gel if you prefer
  7. mascara
  8. false lashes (if you have pathetic short ones like me

place you eye shadow all over you eye

second step place your crease colour (2) in your crease with window wiper motions

pick up the black and place in outer 1/4 of your eye

using the same brush that was used for step 2 blend out the black

get purple eyeline and place in your water line, inner tear duck and under the bottom lashes

place purpl eyeshadow under lower lashes on top of purple liner

apply liquid or gel liner to the top and create a wing (in you don't like winged eyeliner then leave it lined)

apple mascara and lashes and you done :)

 i hope you found this easy to follow and you like it :)

xoxo LLL

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